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New Year, New Project: Word of the Week Podcast

Posted on 11 January 2014

Happy 2014!

If you’ve read the KIS.list you know that I am an overwhelmed artist who is always coming up with new schemes and projects to maintain my connection with art and artmaking.

A writer recently suggested that I read some of my stories on audio. If you’ve ever done a reading with me, then you know that I like to talk and have chat time. So rather than read a story, I thought I’d choose a word and talk about the word in relation to writing and my work. I’ve also shared some music because I am absolutely fascinated with song lyrics.

K. Ibura’s Word of theWeek Podcast: Episode 1

Radio inspiration: reading on Hour of the Wolf at WBAI at an ungodly hour, thanks to host Jim Freund

I hope you enjoy this little literary moment from me and I hope to keep doing them throughout the year.

Be well. Be love[d].

K. Ibura