K. Ibura



Let’s Write!

Posted on 24 March 2021

Writing is such a solitary act. Building out a plan, sharing your goals, and connecting with others who are pushing themselves to create can make a huge difference. The 28-Day Writing Sprint is an accountability and support group providing a structured environment for setting and sharing goals, reporting on progress, reflecting on strategies, and growing your endurance for writing.

This is a space for folks to gather inspiration from each other as we sprint toward our writing goals together. (Writing goals can include novels, short stories, essays, memoir, poems, proposals, dissertations, and any other project. All types of writing is welcome.)

What to expect: Communal accountability through:

• setting and sharing weekly writing schedule
• reporting progress on your daily goals
• responding to reflection prompts

Dates: Ongoing monthly (Visit the registration link below to see if a current sprint is running.)

Cost: $30–$60 (Choose your price)

Registration: Click here to register.

Additional Support: If you are new to writing or an a seasoned writer attempting something new, you can sign up for a support kit for an additional fee. The support kit provides writing sheets and schedule guidance that supports you in developing your piece.

Note: The 28-Day Writing Sprint happens in a private Facebook group. You’ll need a Facebook account to participate.