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Posted on 15 April 2024

Your Invitation to Make Space for Spirit

As human beings, we’re dealing with a wild cocktail of instinct and intelligence, trauma and resistance, fear and faith. We are capable of drowning ourselves in the most negative of emotions while struggling toward our dreams and desires. On any given day, we’re battling the chaos in the world and the chaos in our minds.  This is your invitation to press pause.

Spirit Sessions are an opportunity to take a break from trudging through the challenges of everyday life. We’ll take two hours to gather in community and tap into our intuition and inner wisdom. The tools are simple: writing, visualizing, and reflecting. The benefits are astronomical—adjusting despair, confusion, dissatisfaction and overwhelm to welcome the support and guidance we most need to rebalance our hearts and our lives.

The May Spirit Session focuses on Connecting With Your Inner Child. We will listen deeply for guidance that can reveal childhood wounds and point the way for establishing a celebratory practice for your youthful self. Together, we’ll explore blockages, discover play and reconnect with our childhood selves.

Connecting With Your Inner Child
May 4, 11 a.m.–1 p.m. ET
Sliding Scale: $25–$55

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What Is a Spirit Session?

A Spirit Session is a two-hour respite from the world. Our days are filled with messages from family, society, work, school, media, and more. Everybody has their instructions funneling into your brain. Spirit Sessions clear space for you to slow down and connect with your inner wisdom.

You are the foundation of every Spirit Session. We use visualization and journaling to build pathways to your inner wisdom, so that you may live you own vision of your life, rather than everyone else’s. Through simple, direct activities, we practice deep listening, recording and reflecting on the messages that arrive when we honor ourselves and surrender to guidance from beyond ourselves.

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What Happens During a Spirit Session?

Each Spirit Session offers self-reflection through four tools: visualization, Spirit Writing, tarot or oracle cards, and mantras.

First, we open the session with a guided visualization that walks us through the month’s area of focus.

Next, we capture the messages we received through Spirit Writing, an automatic journaling technique that promotes deep listening to inner wisdom and messages from spirit.

Then, we reflect on tarot or oracle cards to deepen our engagement with the area of focus and dive further into listening and receiving messages.

To encapsulate the messages we received, we review the writing to identify mantras that can form a guiding principle for our expansion.

Finally, we take time to integrate the messaging through acknowledgement, gratitude, and practices for moving forward.

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Personal Pathways to Spirit

Many of us fear connecting with spirit. We may not trust our intuition or fear that something terrible will happen if we surrender to spirit. Spirit Sessions are a supported pathway to build your own personal relationship to spirit. The activities are grounded in accessible strategies and the presence of community offers a sense of safety and shared exploration.

As these past participants state, Spirit Sessions provide the tools and space to connect to the wisdom and support that is already within you.

“It was a safe and supportive environment,
led with clarity and deliberation.”

“I was surprised and moved by the content
that emerged…. This was a gorgeous experience.”

“This session was a reminder, a loving container,
a necessary pause to breathe and remember.”

We welcome you to join the upcoming Spirit Session to connect with your intuition, welcome your inner wisdom, and practice surrendering to spiritual guidance.

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About K. Ibura

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K. Ibura is a light worker, artist, and writer who hosts grounding Spirit Sessions that empower participants to tap into their intuition and practice deep listening to receive the guidance they need to tackle big life questions. Her practice is grounded in Spirit Writing—a freewriting process that guides seekers to surrender to internal wisdom and expansive messages from powerful sources. Driven by the belief that everyone has a pathway to spirit connection, she is committed to demystifying spirit work by supporting people around the globe in activating internal guidance and making space for spirit.