K. Ibura



The Single Woman’s Manifesto

An affirmative look at approaching singlehood from a spiritual perspective, this small-format affirmation/meditation book offers a series of fun and fun principles designed to celebrate you and your life, no matter what relationships state you happen to be in.

“We love it! The Single Woman’s Manifesto should be a handbook to carry around and refer to whenever we start ‘slipping.’ ”
— Daria, co-founder, Sisaconnection.com

“This is exactly what I need to be reading right now. I found it just as relevant for single men.”
— Federico Anderson

“Precise and without judgment, the quotes/quips speak to the heart of our fears around being alone and/or allowing real intimacy with a partner. After I read [it] a second time, I was confirmed that I was human, that I erred, and that I was not alone.”
— Staceyann Chinn