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Vol. 94: Toni Cade Bambara’s The Salt Eaters

Posted on 7 June 2013

When I was younger, my mother’s bookshelf was my library. It was home to many novels that are central to Black woman’s literature. I could grasp plots that featured grown-up experiences, but much of the subtext and external references escaped me. This didn’t stop me from voraciously consuming everything I could get my hands on… »


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Vol. 62, On Education and Courage

Posted on 10 February 2009

I recently picked up a book called Ms. Cahill for Congress from the free book box at my job. At first glance, I had no intention of reading it, but when I read the back cover copy, I was intrigued. It reads: “You can’t run for office in this country unless you’re a millionaire or… »


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Vol. 38, Crisis of Faith

Posted on 4 December 2003

New York Recently three people close to me were going through crises of faith. I believe crises of faith are intrinsic to artistic (and human) growth. Usually, a crisis is brought on when something is not the way we expected it to be. Your friend or partner shows her/himself to be completely different from who… »


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Vol. 29, Keeping It Real

Posted on 24 November 2002

Thoughts on Artistic Expression I was recently, once again, in discussion with my father about the students in his high school video production workshop. He teaches one segment to a student body in an impoverished high school and another in a more privileged magnet school. He mentioned that his students at the poorer school had… »


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Vol. 7, Freewriting and Asemic Writing

Posted on 27 September 2001

A few months ago Tim Gaze, a zine editor interested in experimental fiction asked me to write a piece for his zine. He had read the first speculative short story I had ever written, “Of Wings, Nectar, and Ancestors,” in the literary journal Anansi and wanted to read more similar work. In “Of Wings, Nectar,… »