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Vol. 66, The Winding Path

Posted on 7 June 2009

A few weeks back I went to an exhibition called NĂ©gritude at Exit Art in New York City. I enjoyed the artwork—specifically some very beautiful photography from Mario Cravo Neto; some intriguing text (to accompany video shorts) and needlework from Wura-Natasha Ogunji; a great collection of album covers in an installation by Xaviera Simmons; and… »


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Vol. 32, Freeing Your Work Through Limitations

Posted on 5 April 2003

The idea for this month’s column was sparked during a recent conversation with my mother. My mother is at the bitter end of her struggle to complete her Ph.D. In the final throes of her dissertation, she finds herself pulled in more than one direction. On the one hand she wants to explore all her… »