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Vol. 46, Novel Writing: A Marathon

Posted on 26 December 2004

Conversations with Writing Mentors Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA As unbelievable as it may seem, I am STILL in the race with this novel. It has been quite a long time. I have written three full drafts while in five different countries. I’ve been angry, optimistic, threatened, confronted, and exhausted by the process. I’ve had… »


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Vol. 45, Writers as Exhibitionists: Why Tell All

Posted on 5 August 2004

Antioch University E-Conferences CyberSpace One aspect of the requirements for a distance learning degree is participation in Internet discussion groups with your classmates. Antioch has a number of optional, as well as mandatory, discussion groups. I love it when I have some downtime at home, my daughter’s sleeping and I’ve done all the housework I… »


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Vol. 44, “Aboutness”

Posted on 21 July 2004

Los Angeles, CA I have begun my MFA program at Antioch University, Los Angeles. It is one of a handful of low-residency programs, which allow writers (and other students, I assume) to obtain degrees while maintaining their current lifestyle. In other words, you don’t have to “go away” to school. There’s no dorm life and… »


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Vol. 24, At Nommo Writing Workshop

Posted on 25 May 2002

New Orleans, LA Every time I come home to New Orleans I sit in on my father Kalamu ya Salaam’s writing workshop. It’s called Nommo and usually has a diverse group of six to eight active members at every meeting. The workshop is not for sissies. The evenings are long and the meetings are frequent…. »