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New Orleans

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Vol. 60, Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans

Posted on 19 June 2008

Tribeca Film Festival New York, NY There are certain elements of the human experience that define our awareness. These “accidents” of birth hold immense power over our beliefs, understandings, and interests. Some of the factors that define us, like gender, are genetically determined. Others, like poverty, are determined by sociology and family membership. Still others,… »


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Vol. 55, In New Orleans: Lower 9th Ward, Post-Katrina

Posted on 11 May 2006

A Ghetto Where Figs Grew The Ninth Ward is a notorious neighborhood in New Orleans. A Slate.com article about post-Katrina Ninth Ward characterizes it as “a historic black neighborhood, home to Fats Domino, abandoned by government, and the ‘murder capital of the murder capital.’” The author, Frank Ethridge, called the Ninth Ward an “impoverished neighborhood… »


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Vol. 54, In New Orleans: Going Home, Post Katrina

Posted on 12 April 2006

Before returning home to New Orleans in February, I had a marginal understanding of what it meant for New Orleanians who had been forced to evacuate due to Katrina to go home and rebuild. I understood it would be hard, but exactly what rebuilding entailed, I could not grasp the depth of the task. I… »


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Vol. 51, New Orleans Underwater

Posted on 20 September 2005

Oaxaca, Mexico It is 4 in the morning and it is rainy season in Oaxaca. Everyday around 5 p.m. the sky opens up and it pours. Sometimes it stops. Sometimes it goes on and on until at some point in the morning you are awakened by the sound of water on your roof and you… »