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Vol. 53, In Mexico: A City In Celebration

Posted on 10 January 2006

Oaxaca, Mexico It’s been a few months since my last post. Where oh where have I been, you ask? (Besides in my underground workshop scribbling away on my novel,) I’ve been in the thrall of a city in constant celebration. Since my last post, Oaxaca has been celebrating one holiday or another. Celebration is what… »


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Vol. 48, In Mexico: Water Shortages in Oaxaca

Posted on 4 May 2005

Oaxaca, Mexico The quest for water is a central part of life in a desert town. Oaxaca is the desert. It is a beautiful city. Colorful, full of arts—both traditional and contemporary, a healthy bit of colonial architecture, lots of outdoor events and festivals, and enough cabs in the streets to make a New Yorker… »