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Vol. 47, In Mexico: Vera Cruz

Posted on 10 March 2005

Vera Cruz, Mexico I am on my first writing trip ever since my daughter’s birth two years ago. I am proud to say I have been able to maintain my “schedule” of leaving NYC for the winter every other year even as a mom. I will be in Mexico for three months, but I am… »


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Vol. 38, Crisis of Faith

Posted on 4 December 2003

New York Recently three people close to me were going through crises of faith. I believe crises of faith are intrinsic to artistic (and human) growth. Usually, a crisis is brought on when something is not the way we expected it to be. Your friend or partner shows her/himself to be completely different from who… »


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Vol. 33, Chapbooks: Feeding Your Writer Self

Posted on 6 May 2003

Brooklyn, NY I recently did a reading from Colonize This! at the Asian American Writers Workshop. The Asian American Writers Workshop is a wonderful place. It seemed to be thrumming with literary and community energy. There were: 1000 origami swans soaring across the walls and ceiling; names of Asian American writers affixed to the wall;… »


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Vol. 27, Writing is Fighting

Posted on 6 September 2002

Novelists for Life Cybergroup Cyberspace On my novelists e-group, we are always discussing writing. The processes of writing, the challenges, the failures and successes, what scares us about it, how we triumphed over an obstacle or a block. During one of our discussions on writing, a member of the list, Angel Shannon wrote: ishmael reed… »


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Vol. 23, In Brazil: Being a Tourist

Posted on 9 April 2002

Salvador, Bahia Brazil There are elements of being a tourist that—assuming you feel comfortable with the country and the language—can be fun. I don’t mind being ignorant, asking questions, getting lost. But there’s a certain type of tourist I’m not. I don’t like prepackaged tours. I’m not that deep into seeing the sights. After while,… »