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Vol. 43, Hiding Out

Posted on 17 May 2004

Brooklyn, NY Oh, the human being is a complex animal. We often work against our own best interests. We pray for our dreams to come true, yet we bow to fear as our god and keep ourselves in boxes because we don’t know what the terrain is like “out there.” If you, as an artist,… »


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Vol. 33, Chapbooks: Feeding Your Writer Self

Posted on 6 May 2003

Brooklyn, NY I recently did a reading from Colonize This! at the Asian American Writers Workshop. The Asian American Writers Workshop is a wonderful place. It seemed to be thrumming with literary and community energy. There were: 1000 origami swans soaring across the walls and ceiling; names of Asian American writers affixed to the wall;… »


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Vol. 30, Hype and Content

Posted on 23 January 2003

A Conversation with a Fellow Writer and a Visual Artist Brooklyn, NY A writer friend of mine was visiting and the topic of hype came up. He brought up a writer’s website he had recently visited. The website pissed him off because the writer claimed to have produced mountains of various types of work, but… »


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Vol. 12, Process

Posted on 26 November 2001

Conversations on the F-train with a Writer Friend Manhattan, NY to Brooklyn, NY I hadn’t seen a friend of mine in a while so we decided to take the train home from work together. My friend had just finished her first professional short story and had it picked up for publication. She was so inspired… »