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Vol. 43, Hiding Out

Posted on 17 May 2004

Brooklyn, NY Oh, the human being is a complex animal. We often work against our own best interests. We pray for our dreams to come true, yet we bow to fear as our god and keep ourselves in boxes because we don’t know what the terrain is like “out there.” If you, as an artist,… »


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Vol. 37, Building Your Life Brand

Posted on 29 September 2003

My coworker was recently reading Stedman Graham’s Build Your Own Life Brand! She is eventually interested in opening her own day spa and found it helpful in the work she was doing. She passed it on to me and I’ve been finding it instructive in helping me focus my goals. Every time I mention I’m… »


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Vol. 36, Cover Letters

Posted on 6 September 2003

New York, NY It strikes me as interesting that powerful writing in one genre doesn’t necessarily translate into powerful writing in another. While I consider my short stories and essays to be powerful, my skill in writing plays is weak and I am still struggling with novel writing. What brings about this rumination on genre… »


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Vol. 30, Hype and Content

Posted on 23 January 2003

A Conversation with a Fellow Writer and a Visual Artist Brooklyn, NY A writer friend of mine was visiting and the topic of hype came up. He brought up a writer’s website he had recently visited. The website pissed him off because the writer claimed to have produced mountains of various types of work, but… »


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Vol. 4, A Conversation about Self Promotion

Posted on 2 September 2001

The Living Room of a Writer’s Apartment Brooklyn, NY I’ve been writing and publishing stories and essays since 1990. In the beginning I never read my work at all. When people were looking for writers to read at events, I’d refuse; when pushed, I’d be noncommittal. When I did promise to read, I would leave… »


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Vol. 2, Radio and Readings

Posted on 11 August 2001

WBAI Radio Station Wall Street, Manhattan Before I went to Clarion (a six-week speculative fiction writing workshop), the New York Review of Science Fiction had a small crisis. Scott Westerfield had guest-edited a sci fi issue of Nerve magazine (a magazine about sex) and the NY Review of Science Fiction was hosting a reading from… »