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Vol. 46, Novel Writing: A Marathon

Posted on 26 December 2004

Conversations with Writing Mentors Antioch University, Los Angeles, CA As unbelievable as it may seem, I am STILL in the race with this novel. It has been quite a long time. I have written three full drafts while in five different countries. I’ve been angry, optimistic, threatened, confronted, and exhausted by the process. I’ve had… »


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Vol. 32, Freeing Your Work Through Limitations

Posted on 5 April 2003

The idea for this month’s column was sparked during a recent conversation with my mother. My mother is at the bitter end of her struggle to complete her Ph.D. In the final throes of her dissertation, she finds herself pulled in more than one direction. On the one hand she wants to explore all her… »


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Vol. 15, 9-to-5

Posted on 23 December 2001

An ongoing conversation about j-o-b-s New York, NY Before I went away on the Thomas J. Watson fellowship (and before I’d worked an actual 9-to-5), I thought I had to work to feel settled in my life. These words from my student lips: “I can’t live without working. I’d go crazy.” Then I went away… »