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Vol. 39, The Fisherwoman’s Daughter by Ursula K. LeGuin

Posted on 1 January 2004

Just last month I was wondering if it was time to throw in the towel on the KIS.list. Reader interest remains strong, but after my first month back to a fulltime 9-to-5, I didn’t think I could hack it. Then suddenly space cleared, I wrote the KIS.list and sent it out. I was thinking mothering,… »


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Vol. 38, Crisis of Faith

Posted on 4 December 2003

New York Recently three people close to me were going through crises of faith. I believe crises of faith are intrinsic to artistic (and human) growth. Usually, a crisis is brought on when something is not the way we expected it to be. Your friend or partner shows her/himself to be completely different from who… »