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Vol. 66, The Winding Path

Posted on 7 June 2009

A few weeks back I went to an exhibition called Négritude at Exit Art in New York City. I enjoyed the artwork—specifically some very beautiful photography from Mario Cravo Neto; some intriguing text (to accompany video shorts) and needlework from Wura-Natasha Ogunji; a great collection of album covers in an installation by Xaviera Simmons; and… »


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Vol. 63, Strokes of Life

Posted on 23 March 2009

Art is a powerful, personal, mysterious force. It can be a modality for healing, an agent of change, a recorder of history, a means for confronting and exploring emotions, and so much more. In my constant search for an artistic expression I can do in my infinitesimal moments of free time, an artistic expression that… »


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Vol. 59, You Have So Much More Time Than You Realize

Posted on 13 March 2008

Brooklyn, NY We live in a culture that believes in diminishing returns. Everything, it is said, depreciates. When I’m caught up in this hysteria, I try to remember examples that contradict this belief. Fine wines, beloved talismans, inherited furniture, and friendships whose years of association add immeasurably to their value. There are many people around… »


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Vol. 21, In Brazil: Candomble and Visual Arts

Posted on 6 March 2002

Salvador, Bahia Brazil My latest discovery in the hand-washing clothes saga is, despite Salvador’s heat, anything I want to dry properly must be hung directly in the sunshine. During my second go-round with clothes washing, I hung all my clothing at one time. Since line space was limited, I hung half my clothes in the… »


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Vol. 14, Visual Art

Posted on 12 December 2001

Bronx Museum of the Arts Bronx, NY Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary (which is the only dictionary I can get my hand on at the moment) defines “art” as: 1. Creative or imaginative activity, esp. the expressive arrangement of elements within a medium 2. Works, as paintings, that result from this creativity. Now it’s intriguing… »