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Vol. 94: Toni Cade Bambara’s The Salt Eaters

Posted on 7 June 2013

When I was younger, my mother’s bookshelf was my library. It was home to many novels that are central to Black woman’s literature. I could grasp plots that featured grown-up experiences, but much of the subtext and external references escaped me. This didn’t stop me from voraciously consuming everything I could get my hands on… »


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Ask a Solutionista, Volume 1 – K. Ibura

Posted on 9 May 2013

Meet K. Ibura, Solutionista: artist mother world traveler speculative fiction writer homeowner K. shares her inspiring story, tosses us some pearls, and reads a story from her new collection, Ancient, Ancient.


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Vol. 36, Cover Letters

Posted on 6 September 2003

New York, NY It strikes me as interesting that powerful writing in one genre doesn’t necessarily translate into powerful writing in another. While I consider my short stories and essays to be powerful, my skill in writing plays is weak and I am still struggling with novel writing. What brings about this rumination on genre… »


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Vol. 27, Writing is Fighting

Posted on 6 September 2002

Novelists for Life Cybergroup Cyberspace On my novelists e-group, we are always discussing writing. The processes of writing, the challenges, the failures and successes, what scares us about it, how we triumphed over an obstacle or a block. During one of our discussions on writing, a member of the list, Angel Shannon wrote: ishmael reed… »


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Vol. 25, The Alchemy of Writing

Posted on 2 July 2002

A True Story She is a high-minded woman, and hates complaining, so she suffers the demands of her craft with little comment. She bows down to each of writing’s demands, barely stopping to consider the rationality of the requests. She works hard to save thousands, then blows it all on an intimate trip for two:… »


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Vol. 7, Freewriting and Asemic Writing

Posted on 27 September 2001

A few months ago Tim Gaze, a zine editor interested in experimental fiction asked me to write a piece for his zine. He had read the first speculative short story I had ever written, “Of Wings, Nectar, and Ancestors,” in the literary journal Anansi and wanted to read more similar work. In “Of Wings, Nectar,… »


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Vol. 4, A Conversation about Self Promotion

Posted on 2 September 2001

The Living Room of a Writer’s Apartment Brooklyn, NY I’ve been writing and publishing stories and essays since 1990. In the beginning I never read my work at all. When people were looking for writers to read at events, I’d refuse; when pushed, I’d be noncommittal. When I did promise to read, I would leave… »


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Vol. 3, Novel Writing

Posted on 22 August 2001

Femail Circle Cyberspace I’m on a cyber-circle with a group of women from college. We’re almost all writers. We talk about life and work and encourage each other to go beyond our comfort zones in lots of ways. Last summer, one member, upon return from Cave Canem challenged us all to write a poem a… »