K. Ibura



The Treasure Within

Posted on 23 May 2012

“You are searching the world for treasures, but the real treasure is yourself.”—Rumi, Hidden Music

I am finding as I age that there is as much wealth, interest, and novelty to be discovered by traveling inward as outward. There has been nothing so exhilarating in my life as travel. Searching the world for novelty, new adventures, surprising ideas, customs, and cultures, delicious experiences and shocking revelations. And now I am finding, that I am absolutely spellbound by exploring what I’m capable of, trying new challenges, speaking my mind, finding novelty in the same old same old, creating ease in the headwinds of stress, discovering the magic in myself. It is wonderful to go running to the beach, with a pail and a shovel, and go digging to see what you can discover. There is nothing like the feel of the sun on your skin, sand between your toes, water beating against your limbs. But oh, how miraculous it feels, too, to find the oceans within your own self. How absolutely magical it is to peel back the soggy outer layers and free an ever-rejuvenating wellspring of power, passion and creativity, to uncover the treasures in the self.